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[RECAP] Seminar – Solutions For Dealing With Spec-To-Silicon Challenges With Quest Global

[RECAP] Seminar – Solutions For Dealing With Spec-To-Silicon Challenges With Quest Global
16 November 2023

Synapse-Quest Global successfully arranged the seminar “Solutions for Dealing with Spec-To-Silicon Challenges” in Hanoi on November 16, 2023. Attending the lecture was a great opportunity to find out more about our Silicon Engineering Services’ ability to solve spec-to-silicon problems and about Quest Global Vietnam’s engineering future. This occasion is a significant turning point in Synapse-Quest Global’s business expansion into the Vietnamese capital. 

The event, which attracted the participation of experts from Dolphin, Viettel, Infineon, Qorvo, Wavelet, was hosted by Anam Haque, Vice President – Semico Industry Leader of Quest Global, and Thang Tran, Center Head – Semico Vietnam of Quest Global. 

Highlights of our Seminar: 
   To start with an informative and dynamic discussion on chip design implementation. 
   Secondly, Anam talked about Quest Global’s introduction, with a focus on the semiconductor industry, as well as our partners, accomplishments, and end-to-end turnkey silicon engineering services. 

Finally, Thang Tran had shared the establishment and growth of Synapse – Quest Global Vietnam, our capacity as a team, and our strategy for expanding our labor force in Vietnam. 

We have been inundated with inquiries, including: 
1 Multi-die chip design challenges
2. Future of photonic SoC
3. IP implementation and development 
4. RISC-V and open-source’s future
5. Chip prototype evaluation
6. AI implementation on logic synthesis
7. What makes Synapse-Quest Global different from other companies
8. What makes Vietnamese engineers different from those in other countries
9. How Synapse-Quest Global conducts an internship training program

Thank all attendees for making our event a success!